is here to help you improve the value of your property through a bundle of services we call “No-Sweat Equity”. Our goal is to save you money on monthly energy costs and improve your indoor environment while adding to the durability and value of your home. We highly recommend energy efficiency upgrades, as well as alternative energy systems, and can help you understand the options.

Until now relatively little data existed validating the claim Photovoltaic (PV) Solar energy systems added value, and resale value, to homes. Thanks to a recently published Lawrence Berkeley National Labs (LBNL) report, however, that’s all about to change. LBNL analyzed some 72,000 California homes, of which about 2,000 had PV Solar installations, and found significant evidence that those with PV Solar installed sold for significantly more money than those without. How that works for you may be a faster sale and/or a better sale price!

Of course we also advise you first take advantage of available financing options, special programs, incentives, and rebates to reduce your energy consumption ~ a smart way to save even more. By first reducing your baseline energy consumption, you save energy costs month in and month out. Then you save when you produce using PV Solar in two ways: 1) The system you invest in will cost less to buy if it is scaled to your new lower baseline of actual energy consumption, and 2) The system you invest in saves you money month in and month out, while adding to your property’s value over the long term.

Coupled with available financing, special programs, incentives, rebates, and the reduced cost of energy makes for smart investing that actually pays you dividends now and in the future. That’s why we say:

Energy Efficiency + Alternative Energy = “No-Sweat Equity

To see the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab’s report, check out this link.

Check out our site, or respond directly to this posting when you are ready for more information or assistance, wish to schedule an in-home energy use analysis to receive a home energy rating. Then, if you would like, we can prepare a written proposal showing how you can reduce your energy use through cost effective improvements and upgrades, assist you finding the right partners, or provide all the service you need. When you are ready to consider an alternative energy systems like PV Solar, we can help with that too.